Redefining Premium Grain Dryer Systems

We have reinvented the wet grain dehydrating process, resulting in consistent production of the most premium dry grain at the lowest capital cost.

Linear Rate Dry Grain Conversion

This technology enables a linear rate of conversion from wet grains to dry grains. Water is vaporized by conductive heat transfer when the raw material is in contact with the surface of the screw and barrel which are heated by steam. The steam runs through the center of the screws and the outer walls of the barrel.


Moisture Control

This method provides optimization of heat transfer by continuously moving wet grains through the system at a steady rate, resulting in a uniform grain dried to a specified percent of moisture as far down as 12%.

Modified by Section

The equipment is designed in sections, which allows the material to flash off moisture during the transition from each tier. This also allows for flexibility to make modified wets, while still producing dry grain.

You can divert some of the modified wet while sending the rest to the next tier.

Additional diversion opportunity allows for salable product at variable levels of dehydration.

Final process of drying, with consistent premium level product fetching highest prices.

Business Opportunity

This process and technology delivers the following features:

  • Significantly lower capital outlay versus conventional systems
  • Significantly lower operating and maintenance cost
  • Much higher nutritional (and financial!) value DDGS produced
  • Reduces and potentially eliminates all VOC’s—and VOC permitting
  • Flexibility to produce desired moisture level
  • Completely safe and explosion proof—lowers liability and insurance costs
  • Significantly smaller footprint than conventional drying systems
  • Off-site construction and easy installation

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Design, Manufacture and Install

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