Premium Livestock & Game Feed Supplements

Our patented grain densification process produces the most nutritional, highest-quality range cubes available in the market today.

Premium Nutrition, Unsurpassed Value

Our technology provides the highest levels of protein and energy (fat) in a single product. Our superior nutrition is delivered in cubes and pellets that are guaranteed not to crumble. Feeding multiple supplements for protein and fat is no longer necessary, and ranchers no longer have to watch their feed bill go away as dust in the wind.

Premium Feed.

Prime Livestock. Record Trophies.

Ranchers and game managers know that healthy livestock must have their diet supplemented to make up nutrition pasture grass lacks. Our range cubes are made from the highest quality distiller's grains and other whole ingredients without any binders or fillers. Custom feeds are available to include mineral, medicated, and other options to suit a herd's specific needs.

A Premium Feed Supplement for High-Value Livestock and Big Game Ranches

Our superior manufacturing technology delivers a single feed product with unbeatable value.

  • Water Resistant
  • Will Not Crumble
  • Will not cake and bind feeders
  • Up to 30% protein and 10% fat in a single product
  • More Protein Per Dollar
  • Custom formulations available for Beef and Dairy Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Equine, Deer, and Exotic Game
  • Medicated Formulations available
  • Off-site construction and easy installation

Now Available by Rail

100 Ton minimum purchase

Big Game Feed

Equine Feed

Dairy and Beef Cattle Supplements

100 Ton Rail Car Shipments Available Now

We will guide your installation and start-up to production specifications, and ensure maximum long term value via process improvements, maintenance recommendations, and continuous contact after start-up is completed.

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